Planning a Wedding?

Planning a wedding… sorted everything yet???

This is such a special day that we often spend months even years planning every detail. And when we choose our photographer we should also pay attention to detail.

After all you didn’t spend so much time planning the perfect dress, flowers, shoes , hair, cake for one day and not have a photographic record to look back on in years to come. I know exactly who I want to take my photos at my wedding. Only one minor problem, he is also my fiance so those couples shots would be a bit lonely don’t you think 😉

This is a day to remember so why not have the photographic and / or video images to remember it by.

Our December special ends in four days time all you need to do is book by then to benefit, and if you’re like me, I like to meet the people I am entrusting with such a special occasion. We are at Victoria Park Markets mall until 4pm today 28th December 2014 why not come on down and say “hi”


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