Shooting Santa (it’s not what you think)

How did we manage to end up shooting Santa ???

We have been working down at the Victoria Park Markets on Saturdays and Sundays doing the outdoor markets for the past few weeks when we sat down with the lovely Kathryn who manages the “Outdoor Markets” and asked who was shooting Santa when he “Comes to Town” aka Victoria Park Markets. They hadn’t thought that far in their plans so we volunteered.
Now we are there every weekend and on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 3pm until Christmas inside the Arcade in Santa’s Grotto where you and /or your children are welcome to visit and have your photo taken with our jolly Santa.
Free parking on Sunday so why not make a family day of it, pack a picnic lunch, or enjoy a bite to eat from one of the many cafe’s or stalls, bundle the kids into the car, come visit Santa and grab a Photo for only $10.00. Take a stroll around the “Outdoor Markets”, enjoy the atmosphere and entertainment, you might even find that elusive gift for friends and family alike. Then pop over to the Park have your picnic let the kids run around and relax and enjoy the afternoon 🙂


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